Fire Extinguisher Companies

The Best Fire Extinguisher Companies

Protection against fire begins with ensuring that your fire extinguishers are ready to go. Fire extinguishers are the first line of defence and a valuable means of egress in an emergency. Thus, it is important that you properly test and check each unit as per schedule is given by the manufacturer. Fire extinguisher companies are responsible for monthly and/or annual inspections. They visually inspect the unit, clean, check pull pin as well as provide documentation of the inspection.

The Industry

The fire protection industry has seen impressive progress in the last 70 years and most of the test standards have been revised to keep up with modern fire hazards. As per international standard, the National Fire Protection Authority (NFPA) requires inspection of your extinguisher every month.An inspection of each of your extinguishers is often required for annual maintenance as well. Depending on your jurisdiction and the type of unit, the inspection may need to be performed by a licensed professional.

The fire extinguisher companies are also doing internal maintenance and hydrostatic testing. Different types of extinguishers may vary in their internal examination and testing intervals. has a range of fire extinguisher companies on its portal. Make sure to give it a look.