Fire Alarm System

Foolproof Fire Alarm system:

Fire alarm systems should detect fires at an early stage. Early detection also plays an important role in protecting the safety of people and premises. The loss of properties can be reduced and the downtime for the operation can be minimized by early detection also the control effort can be started while the fire is still small.

Most alarm systems provide information to the task force about the location of the fire, thus speeding up the process of firefighting. To be useful, detectors must be coupled with alarm systems inform at least the building users and usually give a signal to a staffed monitoring station on or outside the building. In some cases, alarms can go directly to the fire department, although in most cases this is no longer the typical approach.

Suppression systems such as automatic sprinklers control the fire. They also report that they are operational so they can perform the role of a thermal detection-based system when connected to notification devices throughout the building. However, they will not work as fast as a smoke detection system. For this reason, systems that require quick notification, even if equipped with sprinklers, still require detection and alarm systems.

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