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Shah Faisal Colony No.3, Near Moti Masjid, Karachi.


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Dr. Shabbir Irshad and Irshad Homeo Clinic

History of Homeopathic Clinic

In 1970, a renowned professor named Syed Irshad Ahsan Jazbi founded a homeopathic clinic. He belonged to a literary family and was a learned man. He started his work with of homeopathy from Shah Faisal Town in Karachi. During the initial days, he only had a small piece of land with only a few tables and chairs. Later, with his hard work and knowledge, he transformed his homeopathy profession into a triple story renowned homeopathic clinic in Karachi. The homeopathic medicines in his clinic cure even infertility and chronic diseases.

Dr. Syed Shabbir IrshadJazbi, Dr.Irshad’s son accompanied the homeo clinic later and served his services in the homeopathic profession. Dr, Shabbir Irshad followed on the footsteps of his father and successfully runs the renowned clinic of homeotherapy in Karachi. Dr. ShabbirIrshad has been PMA Magazine’s Sub-Editor too. He was associated with Radio Pakistan as well. The pulse when checked by a homeopathic expert and a layman is different. Due to this reason, he separated the Executive clinic from General clinic. Homeopathy has a bright future in Pakistan.

Homeopathic Clinic for Chronic diseases and Infertility

Dr. Shabbir Irshadbelieves in helping people of this country and spreading wellness as he is a firm believer of the phrase “curing is an art rather than a vocation”. His top priority is helping people as poor many social problems are the result of poor health conditions. Thus, Dr. Shabbir Irshad and IrshadHomeo Clinic have been treating many chronic diseases for many years with modern and traditional knowledge and quality homeopathic medicines to cure your diseases. Dr. Shabbir Irshad is a graduate from Karachi and went to Sri Lanka for his MD degree. He gained an Online Infertility Course from Canadian University.

Dr.Shabbir Irshad and Irshad homeo clinic are also offering infertility treatment along with chronic diseases including mental disorders, cancer, diabetes, and various other complicated diseases. The art of homeotherapy makes Dr. Shabbir and Irshad home clinic an exceptional with unique properties for helping people. Dr. Shabbir gained all the homeopathy knowledge from his father, Dr. Irshad. He possesses all the skills of a professional homeopathic doctor and combined the modern ideas of health and medicine with traditional homeopathy.

Patient’s Satisfaction

People who are unsatisfied with their reports and treatment from renowned hospitals can come to Dr.Shabbir Irshad and Irshad Homeo clinic as Dr. Shabbir provides cure of even chronic diseases, hence satisfying the patients. He believes that the allopathic health care system is just a business which is now been proved by media and technology. People should go for homeopathic medicines for treatment as it has no side effects and people are cured too.

The government should give the homeopathic field a preference and more and more educated people should join this profession to improve health care. For the treatment of chronic diseases and infertility visit, the clinic and Dr. Shabbir will evaluate your diseased condition and will treat accordingly.

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Dr. Shabbir Irshad Jazbi


Chronic Diseases, Male & Female Infertility, Impotency Treatment


Shah Faisal Colony No.3, Near Moti Masjid, Karachi.

Landmarks: Moti Masjid City: Karachi

Phone : +92-21-34583599Mobile : 0333-2319553

Dr. Shabbir Irshad

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  1. Jalal

    I am well satisfied from the treatment of Dr.Shabeer Irshad

    April 7, 2017 at 7:35 am Reply
  2. Kaif

    Highly recommeded dr.shabbir irshad. My daughter have an ashtama algeric problem dr.sahib give me the medicine and alhumdulliah she was fine in the next 3 days

    June 1, 2019 at 12:13 am Reply

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