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We’ve been delivering reliable and professional services across Pakistan for 39 years.

To provide a healthy environment, Fumicon services private limited has been offering premium pest control services.

We proudly conduct our pest control services to allow our customers a healthy life. A healthy atmosphere can reduce stress and improve our mood, according to extensive studies. It encourages a healthier lifestyle, increases individual productivity, and is fundamental for our mental health. However, when one’s surroundings are tidy, he or she is more productive and joyful. Our firm is convinced that clean air, water, and sanitation can improve people’s quality of life. The surroundings might have an impact on one’s mood. Several research studies have found that pest-free homes or workplaces can enhance health outcomes such as sadness, agitation, and sleep.

Fumicon Services

Fumicon Services

What services do we provide?

1.     Our professional termite proofing services.

At FUMICON services private limited, we believe in first informing our clients about the procedure so that they understand what is going on. With 39 years of experience, we can confidently state that our services are unmatched.

Termite proofing services are necessary for structures to control termite development. Termites cause significantly more damage than other pests. Since termites prefer timber structures, professional termite prevention should be your top concern. We also offer termite proofing treatments before the start of construction.

2.     Exceptional Termite Control services for clients in Pakistan

The dangers of termite infestations must be understood. These pests are not only nasty, but if left unattended, they can cause major structural damage to your property. Repair costs might be thousands.

You must act soon if you notice signs of termite activity. If you don’t, the infestation may spread across your property or business, making it tough to handle in the future and potentially costing you even more money!

When you hire our experienced termite treatment technicians, you can rest confidently that the job will be done effectively and at a fair price. Our termite control experts know how to handle pest infestations efficiently, without impacting your family’s health or the integrity of your home.

3.     Highly-skilled Wood Borer Treatment

Woodborers are wood-destroying insects that are well known for inhabiting many types of wood, particularly our structures. In human environments, they’re fairly widespread. By hiring our service, you can rest assured that all of your Wood Borer control requirements will be met, and your building will be safe from such pests.

4.     Out top-notch general fumigation services

Regardless of the type of pest or the size of the infestation, our experts will get rid of all the uninvited visitors. We provide rapid, dependable service and will arrive promptly to address the issue.

Don’t allow bugs to ruin your home or business. This is the time to contact our specialists.

5.     Extensive Disinfestation services

Pest populations evolve throughout time since these creatures gain pesticide defense mechanisms, leading to faster multiplication. Consider how dangerous this situation can become if you don’t get rid of these insects, which carry a range of bacterial illnesses and have a tendency for passing them on to you.

We have an excellent technique for eradicating these pests through our comprehensive disinfection services, which have proven to be so successful and relatively inexpensive for 39 years.

6.     Bed Bugs Control, our specialty

Bed bug infestations are one of the most prevalent pests seen in homes, hospitals, and public transportation. To complicate matters, as long as blood meal is accessible, bed bugs will gladly invade any form of interior habitat. Keeping this in mind, we have been using experienced bed bug control services to offer you a fresh and bedbug-free atmosphere.

7.     Rats Control, is an unavoidable issue that necessitates your attention

At FUMICON Services Private Limited, trained professionals provide quality rodent control services. Rats can cause substantial damage to your belongings and properties, as well as the destruction of your lawn, storehouse, and business. Since rats are recognized disease carriers, they can potentially pose a health danger to humans.

No matter how many rats there are or how terrible the infestation is, our professionals will get rid of them all. We are committed to providing timely, reliable services and will handle any issues as soon as they arise. Our personnel at FUMICON services private limited are completely licensed and insured, and we provide 24-hour customer service.

8.     Our Water Tank Cleaning services

Hire our professional water tank cleaning services to keep your family and employees healthy.

To guarantee that the water in your holding tank satisfies health and safety criteria and is fit for consumption, you should clean and sanitize it at least once per year. In Pakistan, dirty tanks serve as spawning grounds for germs and disease, increasing the danger of Legionnaires disease, which can be fatal.

Our assistance to you

  • Your tank’s outside is cleaned by us.
  • Inside the tank, we eliminate any heavy and damp materials.
  • Your tank’s floor and walls are cleaned by us.
  • The tank’s interior is disinfected.

9.     Lawn Spray services

A beautifully green lawn can symbolize pride, a nice scene for family events, and an increase in home value, and our outdoor pest treatment can help maintain your garden in top condition. Our professionals provide a comprehensive range of lawn and yard pest control services, including specialized fertilization.

Our specialists will inspect your lawn and determine the root causes of the problem. They will establish the most individualized treatment plan for your landscape’s wellness.

10.  Prime solution for Mosquito Control

Our mosquito control services, which are expertly handled, reduce the danger of mosquito-borne disease. Our Mosquito Control method securely and substantially reduce the number of mosquito occupiers. To combat the scenario of mosquito contaminations, contact us as we provide the best and fastest mosquito control services

11.  Our professional technicians will control ants and flies.

If you have an ant problem in your home, you must try to eliminate them quickly. You can contact our pest control specialist for ant control. Household pests such as flies and ants are very frequent. Even though they pose no health risk to humans, they may be a tremendous pain to deal with in the kitchen. Ants come in a wide variety of species. You should contact our experts if your home is overrun by ants or flies.

12.  We will eradicate these horrible lizards from your home.

Lizards are a pest that every Pakistani is frightened of or disgusted by. We may shout or flee the place where they are present. For example, you could be lying on the sofa and relaxing when out of nowhere a lizard climbs up your wall, causing an unpleasant sight! lizards are a kind of pest we never want in our home. While seeking their next meal, they frequently enter homes by accident.

Whereas these lizards are not poisonous, they do leave behind dangerous germs. You may get into contact with the lizard droppings when they defecate, and contract a sickness as a result.

If lizards are invading your home or yard regularly, you can put an end to it with our expert lizard control services.

13.  Scorpions Control services

If you have scorpions in your homes and offices, you should hire our skilled scorpion exterminator to guarantee their full elimination. We only hire professional scorpion exterminators because we believe in delivering the best scorpion extermination services to safeguard you, and your family.

14.  Snakes Control service by our experienced technicians

The general populace considers all snakes to be hazardous, even though only a few types of snakes in Pakistan are venomous. However, the presence of snakes in the region can generate uneasiness among humans. The majority of snakes are non-poisonous and pose no severe threat to humans. Poisonous snakes can and do inflict serious injury to humans and pets, and the presence of any snake can provoke anxiety in humans. Snake control is best performed by depriving snakes of the things they require to survive. Our professionals are well-versed in snake control.

15.  Management of Birds in our properties

Birds in high numbers can cause a range of difficulties to your business, including pigeon diseases transferred through their feces, such as histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis. It is imperative to take action as soon as possible, or else assets may be damaged.

Numerous bird control strategies may be used to address this issue. The most successful are usually a combination of several insect control approaches. Their feces can spread disease, and cause property damage. Cleaning, repair, and maintenance can be expensive on an ongoing basis. However, we have a treatment for bird control.

16.  A pest-control specialist is generally the best way to manage bat control.

A bat will enter a person’s living environment rarely. If this happens, keep the bat in one space by shutting the door and opening all of the windows in the room so the bat may leave. If the bat refuses to go, have the creature removed by a bat removal specialist.

Bats may scratch, and crawl through walls, causing a nuisance. Bat droppings can cause a foul odor as well as an ugly mess on the outside. Rabies is a possible health risk connected with bats, and histoplasmosis, which is frequently associated with bat feces, can be a health concern. To avoid such a problem, call our experts to prevent this issue.

17.  Fumigation of Warehouses

Regardless of which industrial business you are in, the continual war against pest incursion is one of the most challenging challenges you will face. At best, maintaining the integrity of your goods from manufacturing to shipment, storehouse, retail outlet, and eventually to the client is a difficult task. Each stage needs a different approach to pest control. During the distribution stage, which entails the use of a warehouse facility, fumigation is the simplest and most cost-effective pest management approach.

18.  Fumigation of Ships

The fumigation method aids in the elimination of pests. Insects are one of the most common vectors of disease, hence hygienic protection should be a top priority in overseas travel. Fumigation is frequently required by general import-export restrictions.

Its primary goal is to reduce the possibility of contained pests spreading in international trade. The procedure of fumigation of wood is a basic requirement for clearing through clearing customs and admittance to transportation in international shipping.

19.  Why do we fumigate planes? Pests have also made their way onto flights, for your knowledge.

Aircraft fumigation operators occasionally report incidences of aircraft infestation by rodents such as mice and rats, as well as reptiles like snakes and lizards, causing discomfort and worry among passengers and crew, as well as potentially significant damage to the aircraft. Their existence in an airplane can cause it to be grounded in severe situations, especially if electrical wiring damage is discovered. This Airbus document discusses the process of fumigation.

On flights, the bulk of these is bedbugs or cockroaches. Sometimes, we are contacted to eliminate a rat from a plane. Our fumigation service allows us to get airplanes back in the air in a matter of hours.

Call us right now to start enjoying a better lifestyle free of pests and contaminated water.

Our contact number for Karachi residents:0309-888-9-666

You can find more at info@fumicon.com.pk

For Islamabad residents:0309-777-9-444

For more information visit capital@fumicon.com.pk

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