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American Fumigation is one of the most renowned pest control services in Pakistan. We started out our journey small, yet now, due to our persistent efforts and teamwork, we have managed to provide our best services nationwide.

Everyday at American Fumigation is a new beginning. We use modern machinery and harmless chemicals to get rid of pests. Our hardworking and diligent workers come up with new methodologies to cope with the overly growing number of pests and insects.


What makes American Fumigation stand out are the proficient services we offer. Some of which are enlisted below:


Fumigation is a process of getting rid of harmful pests and insects by using a mixture of gases. It is completely harmless for human population, yet gets the pests go extinct in the implemented zone.

Integrated Pest Management:

Integrated Pest Management or Integrated Pest Control is a procedure of getting rid of pests and insects without causing harm to the environment. It is being widely used in agriculture, urban and wild land to prevent insects.

Termite Proofing:

Termites are found in every corner of our residence, work premises, schools and academies. They usually reside in walls, cracks, pipes and floor cracks. American Fumigation offers you assistance called Termite Proofing, that gets rid of them.

Anti-Cockroach Gel Treatment:

The number of cockroaches in common households has drastically increased in the past years. American Fumigation applies an anti-pest gel on different spots in a particular space, and when cockroaches consume it, considering it a source of food, it kills them.

Rat Control:

Rats and mice, like other pests, are found almost everywhere, despite the hygiene you practice. American Fumigation serves you in this area, and uses a set of chemicals to help you get rid of rats, which cause fatal diseases.

Water Tank Cleaning:

Your health and safety are always our topmost priorities. American Fumigation cleanses the water you use everyday. So you never have to deal with diseases, caused by contaminated water intake.


We offer a range of products to prevent pests. Some of them are mentioned below:

Optical Gel Bird Control:

It is a revolutionized bird repellent, that prevents the occurrence of birds in your residence. It uses peppermint oil, which is pleasant to us, yet birds can’t stand it. American Fumigation installs it for you, so you never have to deal with unwanted birds anymore.

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes:

It is a device that prevents birds from landing and dwelling on your rooftops, balconies etc. It hinders them to settle down on the under surveillance zone. Since it is made up of stainless steel, it is durable and does not require any maintenance.

E-Z Klean Rodent Station:

It is a device designed to capture mice and rats. It captures the pests efficiently. For commercial buildings, it is recommended to install one in the perimeter of 20 feet.

Protecta Landscape:

It is a pest bait station. It allows you to capture every sort of pests and insects, mostly mice and rats.

QuadBlaster QB-4:

It an ultrasonic bird repellent. It prevents birds from entering the unwanted space, by emitting a high-pitched sound, which confuses birds and captures them.

Masterline Rodent Glue Tray:

It is a strongly non-adhesive and a non-dry glue, that helps you capture cockroaches, spiders, rats and other pests. It is not poisonous and is safe for the environment.


Over the years, American Fumigation has evolved a lot. It now has revolutionary machinery and technologies to prevent harmful pests and insects. Proficient performance, reliability and authenticity have been our trademarks.

American Fumigation has served nationwide. Its efficiency is the reason why it’s among the first choices of people, when it comes to pest control services.

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Address: 1-Mezzanine floor, 25C, 15th Commercial Street,
Phase II Ext., Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.
Telephone: +92 21 35888452, +92 21 35880103
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