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Ali Fumigation is a pest control service, which has been helping out people get rid of pests and insects for more than a decade. It started out its journey from Karachi. Mr Ali, the founder and chairman of Ali Fumigation, introduced it in 2002.

Ever since it got introduced, it left no stone unturned in making a name for itself. Ali Fumigation comprises of a team of hardworking and diligent individuals. Everyday, we come up with new technologies and methodologies to battle pests and insects, which had previously made human lives difficult.

The chemicals that Ali Fumigation uses are certified and tested by the department of Plant and Protection of Pakistan. Moreover, the ten years guarantee, that Ali Fumigation offers, is the evidence of our authenticity.

Fatal diseases like poliomyelitis, salmonella typhi, dysentery and malaria are spread by pests and insects. The number of these diseases has recently increased due to the unhygienic atmosphere, yet Ali Fumigation plays its role in making the society healthier and safer to live.


  • General Fumigation:

General fumigation is a process of getting rid of poisonous pests and insects by using a mixture of gases. The chemicals used in this procedure are 1,3-dichloropropene, chloropicrin, DBCP, hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde, phosphine, iodoform, sulfuryl fluoride, methyl isocyanate etc.

  • Termite Proofing:

Termites reside in every nook and corner of our residence. They are found in cracks, pipes, walls and almost everywhere. Ali Fumigation offers you a service called Termite Proofing, that helps you get rid of them forever.

  • Rat Rodent Control:

Rats cause fatal diseases like leptospirosis, ortho hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, respiratory tract and hantavirus infections. Ali Fumigation provides you rodent control, so you never have to deals with such diseases in the first place.

  • Water Tank Cleaning:

When it comes to health and safety, you do not want to compromise. Ali Fumigation is a team of professionals, who cleanses the water you use on daily basis by using a set of completely harmless chemicals.

  • Beg Bugs Treatment:

No matter how much hygiene you practice, you will always have to deal with bed bugs. They cause severe skin diseases. Ali Fumigation offers you services to get rid of pests and bed bugs, living in every corner of your residence or workplace.

  • Lawn Spray:

As the number of pests and insects in open space or gardens is higher than any other place, it is necessary for you to keep this part of your residence pests free, too, and Ali Fumigation helps you do so.

  • Dengue Treatment:

Due to the recent thunderstorms, the number of mosquitoes spreading diseases like malaria and dengue has drastically increased. They reside in fresh water. Ali Fumigation serves in this area and provides an environment, where no pests can dwell any longer.


  • Accomplishments:

Ali Fumigation has been serving for nearly two decades. Over the course of time, it has improved a lot. Its living evidence are people considering and approaching Ali Fumigation for the best pest control services. Ali Fumigation steps in to serve the nation in need. The team of diligent and conscientious individuals work day and night and make it possible to get rid of pests. Everyday, we come up with new technologies to help our fellow beings out in times of need.

  • Winning Expertise:

Complete termination and eradication of pests have been our objective. The areas we have been best at are termites proofing and fumigation. Ali Fumigation has provided services as per efficient and international standards, and it will continue to do so.

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Ali Fumigation Services
Address: Office # C-40, Phase I, Commercial II,
Defence View, Qayyumabad, Karachi.
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