Ridan house

Ridan House of Mandi مطعم ريدان

Ridan House of Mandi مطعم ريدان
The perfect sweet delight to complete your meal!

Haven’t tried our mouth watering wholesome meals yet?

Don’t wait anymore! Treat yourself with our authentic Arabian Cuisines.

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Panna Cotta to give you just an extra bit of delight!

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Address and contact Details:

White Palace Tower, Khalid Bin Waleed Road P.E.C.H.S, Block 3 Karachi, Pakistan


Full Week Timimg 12:00PM – 3:00PM, 7:30PM – 12:00AM

Ridan House of Mandi

Ridan House of Mandi

Ridan House of Mandi:

Ridan house Mandi is a Saudi based restaurant which offers best quality chicken and mutton with rice. An elegant ambience which gives pure arabic environment.

ridan house of mandi

Ridan house of mandi


You will want to savor this fruity and creamy delight.
You are welcome any time !
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Ridan house of Mandi

Contact Details:


Khalid Bin Waleed Road, Opposite Danish Motors, White Palace Tower, P.E.C.H.S, Block 3.
Karachi, Pakistan
Contact Number:  (021) 34550845