Dr. Bilquis Sheikh

Dr. Bilquis Sheikh

Dr. Bilquis Sheikh

Dr. Bilquis Sheikh is a renowned herbalist known for her expertise and skills in solving health issues using natural, safe techniques. She was born in Chitral, Pakistan and received her degree in alternative medicine from Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2005.

Dr. Bilquis Sheikh has the solution for everything, from skin issues like acne, pimples, dark circles, skin spots and others to hair fall and even weight loss/ gain. She is indeed the foremost authority when it comes to herbal treatments. Her practice is located in Karachi where she is supported by Dr Yousuf Lodhi.

Dr Bilquis Sheikh has done extensive research and developments in the field of herbal medicine and is in part responsible for the spread and effectiveness of herbal remedies. She is popularly known as “Aapa”, which translates to big sister in Urdu.

Media Presence

She regularly appears on the TV show “Subh e Pakistan” as herbalist and people call from all over the world to ask her assistance.

She hopes to cure problems using herbal methods as opposed to conventional medicine which can cause unwanted and potentially dangerous side-effects. The ingredients and instruments she uses can commonly be found at home. This means everyone can have access to herbal medicine.

Owner of BSM Kreations Naturalize

She is the owner of BSM Kreations Naturalize which is focused on Herbal medicines and remedies. The companies aim is to make alternative remedies easily available for patients. Patients who visit her for their ailments and conditions find relief as her medicine is natural, having little to no complications that may arise if the normal medicine is used.

This is good for minor problems and some major ones as well. Her office is located in Karachi under the name Kare and Kure, located in Defense Phase II.