Best Pest Control Tips

Let’s get this straight. Any bed bug, mosquito, termite, or any other pest infestation is alarming at best and terrifying at worst. Pests can bring serious harm to your house, property, and health not to mention the hereby Jezebels they provide you along with all the destruction. Your house and property are supposed to be your safe-space and comfort zone, but when pests begin invading, you feel everything but comfortable. Learn about the super effective home pest control tips and prevention tricks that will help you rest at ease in your own space your house — just like you need to.

Nothing ruins a picnic like a train of ants. Nothing ruins a backyard like a swarm of mosquitoes. And nothing ruins a night like spotting a spider, cockroach, or mouse somewhere in your home.

Keep bugs and pests away from your house and yard this summer with these 10 best pest prevention and control tips.

1. Stop Their Entry to Your Home

Your first plan of defense is to make it difficult for insects to even find an entry to your home. Check all your spaces for holes, and get it to repair if you find any. Check around your doors and windows for gaps, and replace window stripping when needed get the fumigation done to kill what’s hiding inside.

2. Much Needed Kitchen Clean

A leftover of crumbs on your counter or floor is like a treasure chest to ants and other such insects. Let them find treasure somewhere else – outside and far away from your house – by making sure you offer no advantage to be found in your own kitchen. Wipe your counters, get insects to spray done, sweep your floors, put food away immediately, and take out the trash daily.

Kitchen Clean

3. Do Not Hold Any Standing Water

Getting rid of standing water is the first priority to control mosquitoes. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, like dengue and a big, fat invitation for mosquitoes to start a family. It’s easy to miss standing water sometimes, so regularly walk your property to check for it. Look in rain spouts, check for leaks near your air conditioning unit, before rainy season get pest control done and pick up toys left scattered throughout the yard.

4. Maintain Your Back Yard

Keep your landscaping maintained to avoid overgrowth that is perfect for pests and to hide their nests. Get bushes and trees trimmed that are near the house, rake up debris, get integrated pest managements done and yes – you’re also going to have to weed.

maintain backyard

5. Stop ignoring Your Fruits and Veggies

Don’t let fruits and veggies get overly ripe on your Kitchen counter. If you do, the fruit flies will invite themselves in for a spell, and eliminating fruit flies is a headache you don’t want this summer.

6. Store Your Wood Properly

Don’t give termites open access to your house. If you store firewood, keep it away from your house or shed. As far away as possible, actually. Five feet should be the minimum distance, making it hard for termites to reach but if you can store it even farther away, you’ll get in better shape. Also, store it in racks way above the ground.

7. Don’t Throw Leftover Meat outside Too Soon

Try not to throw meat scraps in your outside garbage unless the garbage will be picked up in the next 48 hours or so. The combination of rotting meat and summer sun could bring unwanted pests and diseases to your yard alarmingly fast.

8. Inspect Swings and Outdoor Furniture

Regularly check the chains and corners of your swing sets and outdoor furniture for spider webs and egg sacks.  Get them remove them when you see them.

9. Don’t bring what’s Outside towards In

Make sure the children keep outside toys outside and inside toys inside. If you have to bring in a toy, chair or table, thoroughly wipe it down first.

10. Use a Pest Control Service

Hire a best pest control service to come to your house and regularly spray for bugs and rodents common to your specific portion. As pest control experts, they can take inventory of your issues and create a personalized plan to keep pests away. A professional pest control company can provide way more protection than you can on your own, and the peace of mind you’ll receive knowing you have an expert protecting your home is immeasurable which is something necessary to health of you and your family.

While there are a lot of things you can do to try and prevent pests around your home, sometimes you just need to bring in the benefits. Whether you choose to plan pest prevention or hire a professional pest control service, though, keep these tips in mind to take control of your yard again and have a more pest-free summer!

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